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      How to support:

      – Become a coach, not a manager:
      – Keep your team motivated
      – Use inclusive language
      – Demonstrate empathy
      – Be visible and supportive
      – Take it upon yourself to introduce team members to other mentors
      – Accept that you do not know everything, that there are gaps in situations
      – Support teams with the mental health aspect of working (especially when working from home)
      – Not everyone works in the same way- embrace this. Show this support and be in-tune with each individual

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      – Ensure you have clear, defined role models in your firm for someone to confide in and to provide clear roadmaps for progression. In particular:
      o Gender
      o Race
      o LGBT
      o Disability

      – Encourage your staff to engage with people from different offices and have identifiable role models.
      – Have mentoring programmes that is not just an individual’s manager but involves mentors from across the business:
      o As a Mentee- put out what you want from this relationship.
      o As a mentor- match skills and make the connection.
      o People managers also need to use their network.

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