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      Frustrations and questions they had in common:
      – Enhancement requests can be slow.
      – Primary concern is that netting will consider.
      – Little disappointed in automation – Bloomberg rule builder in equities and FI but its not in production for FX – why so slow?
      – We want to see better integration with non-Bloomberg products.
      – Bloomberg decides which LPs are on the platform – can we add some non-bank liquidity?
      – Made a lot of enhancements to EMSX – FXGo is very simple and you can’t add extra columns. Add TCA data so you can use it knowing arrival price so you can hold it.
      – We were promised that by the end of the year 80% of functionality in FXGo would be in EMSX – what is the current status of this?

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      The Finance Hive

      What they really like:
      – You can enable brokers by specific account if you are an AIM client.
      – Shows accounts you can trade with.
      – Integration is good if you are using other Bloomberg products.
      – Support and stability is good.
      – Automation features are basic but easy to use and get the job done.
      – Hooking up with other liquidity providers.

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      The Finance Hive

      A group of FX Go users spent 20 minutes talking about the platform, things they liked about it, and things they wanted to see improved. Here is a summary of the discussion with all contributions anonymised. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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      The Finance Hive

      Read the discussions and comments from the Finance Hive Community and post a question to get your answers!

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