FX East Coast US: Digital Week

FX East Coast US: Digital Week

21 April 2021 - 22 April 2021

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Zoom – EDT

Meeting description:


Individually tailored learning & networking experience for Heads of FX Trading, Senior FX Traders, Heads of Trading Technology, Treasury from global and local long-only asset management companies, currency managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and corporates…

Interactions will be bespoke for each individual participant in bite-sized and curated pieces. This allows you valuable moments of dialogue with your peer group without monopolising your busy schedule.

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Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Topics of discussion include:

  • EMS Platforms: Expanding FX Execution Flexibility.
  • Navigating Electronic Liquidity Channels
  • NDF Electronification: Streaming, Algos and More
  • Trading Desk Culture: WFH, D&I and Returning to the Office
  • Streamlining FX Workflow
  • FX Algo Boom: Benchmarking Providers and Identifying Selection Criteria
  • Dealing with Data
  • Trading EM and Restricted Currencies

Detailed breakdown of Roundtable topics:

EMS Platforms: Expanding FX Execution Flexibility

  • How are EMS platforms being used to offer the buy side a flexible approach to FX execution?
  • How are decisions made around which trades are executed via voice, RFQ, RFS, algo and risk transfer?
  • How is TCA data used to inform and monitor execution decisions? 
  • Art or science? When should you deviate from an established execution framework?
  • How do decision trees differ between FX that is derived from equities or fixed income traders or for hedging  purposes compared to when you are trading FX for alpha?  

Hosted by FXConnect


Navigating Electronic Liquidity Channels 

  • How are other firms weighing up the value of interacting with anonymous versus disclosed liquidity? 
  • What tools can the buy side use to find unique electronic liquidity? 
  • Benefits of having a continuous pricing stream compared to RFQ?  
  • Where can FX algos add value and how are they being used by buy side firms?  
  • Should buy side firms spend time curating liquidity pools or rely on banks to manage this for them? 

Hosted by EBSI 


NDF Electronification: Streaming, Algos and More 

  • Which platforms are buy side having the best experience with when it comes to streaming NDFs from a  liquidity and integration perspective? 
  • What size trades and which currency pairs lend themselves best to being streamed? 
  • Overcoming challenges around Broken date trading  
  • What does the future hold for NDF algos? Which brokers are offering them, how are platforms supporting  the buy side to be able to use them and what is the current level of adoption on the buy side?  

Hosted by BidFX 


Trading Desk Culture: WFH, D&I and Returning to the Office 

  • How is diversity and inclusion being championed on the buy side to path the way for equality and better  representation among the next generation of traders?  
  • What do roadmaps look like for returning to the office? Is there pressure from senior management that  needs to be balanced with trader wellness? 
  • How are junior traders being supported in their professional development while working from home?
  • How are regulators thinking about remote working in the long term? How are buy side making sure that they  have the necessary oversight to continue flexible working culture post-pandemic?  

Hosted by The Hive 


Streamlining FX Workflow

  • How have buy side firms begun rolling out their FX automation roadmap?
  • What workflow inefficiencies have been highlighted since traders have been working remotely and how are they being addressed?
  • Tips on standardising internal processes and creating efficient workflows across the trade lifecycle.
  • How can you streamline your FX operation with minimal disruption to transformation and investment in other asset classes?
  • Automation beyond spot – what are the challenges and what do the buy side need to do to scale up forward/swap automation?

Hosted by 360t


FX Algo Boom: Benchmarking Providers and Identifying Selection Criteria

  • How has the pandemic evolved the use of FX algos on buy side trading desks?
  • What criteria do buy side consider to be the most important when surveying the algo provider landscape?
  • How important are factors such as customization and ease of use for the buy side?
  • What can algo providers be doing more of to help the buy side use their tools more effectively?
  • Measuring algo performance against higher touch execution channels.

Hosted by State Street


Dealing with Data

  • Why is data driving innovation on buy side trading desks now more than ever
  • To what extent are skillsets and expertise in coding/data science/AI more desired on FX desks now?
  • How are buy side accessing, storing and cleaning data to make sure it is useful and actionable?
  • Build vs buy: which data analytics providers are leading the pack, and when does it make sense to develop in-house?
  • How are analytics being built into trader workflow to ensure they are front of mind during execution?
  • What are EMS platforms doing to be able to capture and use data to drive best execution?

Hosted by The Hive


Trading EM and Restricted Currencies

  • How can custodian transparency be improved to make measuring performance in EM and Restricted Currencies easier?
  • How are emerging market portfolios in Equities and Fixed Income effected by currency trades?
  • Why are buy side taking EM execution in-house and what has been the result?
  • How has the liquidity landscape changed in EM Spot in recent years?
  • To what extent is voice the only option for EM and Restricted currencies? Where are the opportunities for electronification?
  • Are NDF algos a viable option for buy side or are there developments that need to be made before they can be considered?

Hosted by The Hive


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