FX EU – European Leaders: Digital Week

FX EU – European Leaders: Digital Week

25 May 2021 - 26 May 2021

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Zoom – BST

Meeting description:


Individually tailored learning & networking experience for Heads of FX Trading, Senior FX Traders, Heads of Trading Technology, Treasury from global and local long-only asset management companies, currency managers, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and corporates..

The Finance Hive Digital Week: European Leaders is an exclusive and invite only series of peer-2-peer roundtables, solution spotlights, live polling, 1-1 meetings and technology user groups.

We will be inviting 40 FX trading heads based in the UK and Europe, keeping the community small enough so you can have relevant and useful discussions, and big enough to ensure a variety of opinions and experiences. Vendor participation on certain tables is exclusively limited to solution providers that have been recommended by our members. In addition to attending the meeting, members who join us will receive a custom feed of tailored insights, stories and takeaways throughout the course of the week.

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Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Unlocking new liquidity
  • Dealing with data
  • Trading EM and Restricted Currencies
  • Share Class Hedging: What role should the trading desk play?
  • FX algo boom: Benchmarking providers and identifying selection criteria
  • Planning a back to office roadmap
  • Doing more with less: How are head traders using tech to overcome shrinking trading teams?

Detailed breakdown of Roundtable topics:

Unlocking new liquidity

  • How are buy side weighing up the value of interacting with anonymous versus disclosed liquidity?
  • What tools can the buy side use to find unique electronic liquidity and work to ensure that it is not overlapping with other pools?
  • What are the benefits of having a continuous pricing stream compared to RFQ?
  • Should buy side firms spend time curating liquidity pools or rely on banks to manage this for them?
  • To what extent is increased innovation from peer-2-peer platforms opening up new opportunities and use cases?


Dealing with data

  • Why is data driving innovation on buy side trading desks now more than ever
  • To what extent are skillsets and expertise in coding/data science/AI more desired on FX desks now?
  • How are buy side accessing, storing and cleaning data to make sure it is useful and actionable?
  • Build vs buy: which data analytics providers are leading the pack, and when does it make sense to develop in-house?
  • How are analytics being built into trader workflow to ensure they are front of mind during execution?
  • What are EMS platforms doing to be able to capture and use data to drive best execution?


Trading EM and Restricted Currencies

  • How can custodian transparency be improved to make measuring performance in EM and Restricted Currencies easier?
  • How are emerging market portfolios in Equities and Fixed Income affected by currency trades?
  • Why are buy side taking EM execution in-house and what has been the result?
  • How has the liquidity landscape changed in EM Spot in recent years?
  • To what extent is voice the only option for EM and Restricted currencies? Where are the opportunities for electronification?
  • Are NDF algos a viable option for buy side or are there developments that need to be made before they can be considered?


Share Class Hedging: What role should the trading desk play?

  • When does it make sense to outsource share class hedging and when should it be kept in house?
  • How are other firms managing customisable rulings through internal and external setups?
  • Advice on moving from trading with a custodian to trading with a panel of counterparties to access liquidity in competition.
  • How are firms measuring execution quality of their Share Class Hedging Process?
  • Does overall responsibility sit with the trading desk or back office team?


FX algo boom: Benchmarking providers and identifying selection criteria

  • How has the pandemic evolved the use of FX algos on buy side trading desks
  • What criteria do buy side consider to be the most important when surveying the algo provider landscape?
  • How important are factors such as customization and ease of use for the buy side?
  • What can algo providers be doing more of to help the buy side use their tools more effectively?
  • Measuring algo performance against higher touch execution channels.

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Planning a back to office roadmap

  • How are head traders planning to return their teams to the office and ensure communication processes established during the pandemic remain robust as staff return?
  • What safety procedures are being established for when offices get busier?
  • Sharing success stories and lessons learnt from hiring and training new staff while working remotely
  • How will a more flexible approach to remote working post-Covid improve opportunities for more diverse trading teams, and open up the talent pool you can recruit from?
  • Is there a risk that prolonged remote working might damage the culture and comradery of the trading team. How can you mitigate this while giving team members the flexibility they desire?


Doing more with less: How are head traders using tech to overcome shrinking trading teams?

  • How are head traders using tech to overcome shrinking trading teams?
  • How can you ensure traders are spending their time working on value-add trades and tasks?
  • Are FX Algo wheels the next step on the automation journey for more advanced desks?
  • How are trading desks leveraging internal quant/data science teams to help them level up their trading?
  • How do relationships with brokers and banks change as technology continues to play more of a significant role in finding liquidity and executing trades?


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